This License Agreement sets the rights, terms, restrictions, and obligations on using Teamenia created by the Licensor. The client is bound by these terms by installing or using the project software.

License Grant: Licensor hereby grants the Licensee a non-assignable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license containing the following details:

  1. Usage: The Licensee may use the software service on a single platform. Additional licenses must be purchased in order to install and use the project management software on other websites. The Licensee has permission to modify the software to suit their specifications but is not granted permission to sell or redistribute modified versions.
  2. Non-Assignable & Non-Transferable: The Licensee is not permitted to assign or transfer their rights and duties under this license agreement.
  3. Software Modification: The Licensee is granted permission to modify the project software, which includes changing the source code, removing portions, or integrating it into larker work provided there is no distribution of editing programming.
  4. Licensee is barred from providing platform software to others as a hosted solution or to allow outside organizations from using it for any purpose.

Term and Termination: The Term of this license agreement shall exist until terminated by either party. The Licensor may terminate the agreement and license in the event that the Licensee:

  1. Has become entered into a liquidation process; or
  2. Has exported the software to a jurisdiction where the Licensor is unable to exercise their rights; or
  3. The Licensee breached the agreement’s terms and conditions, and the breach was not immediately rectified upon notification; or
  4. The Licensee violated Clause 2 of the License Agreement; or
  5. The Licensee entered into an arrangement that resulted in the Licensor being unable to enforce their rights as per the License.

Prices: The prices of all products offered are subject to change without prior notice.

Upgrades, Updates, and Fixes: The Licensor may provide the Licensee with upgrades, updates, and fixes in accordance with their sole discretion. The Licensee may keep the program up-to-date by installing all technological updates at their discretion. The Licensor will provide all updates free of charge; nothing in the agreement will require the Licensee to provide fixes. 

Liability: The project software is required under law to provide an AS-IS basis. The Licensor will never be held liable for any damage, extra expense, or any other payment made by the Licensee on account of the software’s actions, bugs, failure, or any interaction between the software and Licensee’s equipment. The Licensor shall not be held responsible for any defect in the source code the Licensee writes when using the project software.


  1. Intellectual Property: The Licensor now declares that the software does not violate any third-party claims regarding intellectual property, trademarks, or patents and that, to the best of their knowledge, there has been no legal action taken against the software. 
  2. No-Warranty: This software will be provided without warranty; the Licensor hereby states that any warranty will be free of errors and will not contain defects or code that can damage the Licensee’s equipment. The project software will be fully used functional, and the Licensee will be held accountable for any loss, damage, or defect incurred by operating the software.
  3. Prior Inspection: The Licensee declared they have inspected the project software to the best of their abilities and found it satisfactory to the client’s needs, stating it meets the standards of their computer systems. The Licensee has found that the software works effectively with their development, environment, and digital service and does not infringe upon any End User Licenses. They, therefore, waive their claims regarding incompatibility, results, performances, and features. 

Refund Policy

Since the Licensor is offering non-tangible digital products, they do not offer a refund once the software has been purchased. The Licensor will consider refunding the Licensee within the first seven days of purchase, provided the Licensee cannot install the software on their computer system. This will also be considered in the event that the software cannot perform promised features. Refunds do not apply to upgrades and renewals of the product. The Licensee agrees to the terms of this refund policy upon purchase. 

Indemnification: The Licensee consents to the Licensor as harmless and will not indemnify them in the case of a lawsuit regarding the terms of the software in case of breach, violation, or a means of circumventing the agreement. The Licensor must immediately notify the Licensee in the event of legal action and must attain the Licensee’s consent before a legal claim. 

Governing Law & Jurisdiction: The Licensee shall agree to avoid initialing class-action lawsuits against the Licensor or compensate them for legal fees or attorney costs in the event a suit is brought against the Licensor by the Licensee

Display of Copyright Notices: All copyright and proprietary notices contained in the software must remain intact in the event of alteration or modification on the past of the Licensee.